Independent advice

Acting as a "customer friend" on technology-related matters

Independent advice

When the conflicting interests of stakeholders confuse the decision-making process, a "customer friend" can help you make the right choices.

We have experience in analysing business need, establishing requirements, identifying and evaluating options, and helping you to select the appropriate technology to power or transform your project.

The Solviq team can liaise with internal stakeholders, external providers and domain experts, and can provide an independent review of proposed, ongoing or completed work packages.

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Case study: Freelance development team

We were engaged to advise a company who had recruited a team of remote freelancers to develop their product, using a popular website for hiring freelance talent.

Our client did not have deep technical expertise in-house, and were therefore heavily reliant on the freelancers to make technical decisions. Solviq was able to provide independent review of the freelancers' work, and to support our client in recruiting local engineers on permanent contracts.

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Solviq provides software consultancy services

to help companies architect digital products, build and develop engineering teams,
and become self-sufficient in managing their technology.

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