Articulating the value of technology within business strategy

Technology strategy

Technology may be essential to deliver your business plan, but is it central to the value of your business?

We have experience in analysing business need, establishing requirements, identifying and evaluating options, and helping you to select the appropriate technology to power or transform your project.

We'll help you understand whether custom technology adds value to your business, or whether technology merely powers the value you add elsewhere.

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Case study: Fintech startup

Solviq's Steve Talbot served as the interim Chief Technology Officer for a young financial technology (fintech) startup.

By helping the founders articulate the value of technology to their business, he was able to justify how the startup could satisfy the demanding requirements of the financial services industry, and demonstrate that the company needed to control the intellectual property in their software platform.

This team went on to deliver a minimum viable product using Solviq's open source technology stack, culminating in a successful trial in a major European bank.

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Solviq provides software consultancy services

to help companies architect digital products, build and develop engineering teams,
and become self-sufficient in managing their technology.

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