Case study: Welsh ICE telephone system

Prepay phone billing software and infrastructure for a start-up incubator.


Users of serviced offices expect to have access to a telephone system, with a call answering service provided by the reception team.  However, this service is not common in start-up incubators and other shared workspaces, due to the complexity and cost of managing it.

Welsh ICE realised that offering a cost-effective phone service as part of their membership package would differentiate them from their competitors.  They knew the call charges would have to be competitive, and they knew they couldn't be held liable for their tenants' phone bills, even in areas where hotdesking was commonplace.


We designed a billing solution and telecoms infrastructure for Welsh ICE, enabling members to enjoy all the benefits of an business-grade phone exchange, and very competitive call charges, while separating the billing on a per-tenant basis.

Prepay billing ensures that Welsh ICE isn't liable for members' call charges, and each member's liability is limited to the amount of credit they've purchased.  In fact, Welsh ICE isn't directly involved in the prepayment process.


As Welsh ICE's membership has grown, the way they serve their customers has evolved, and we've adapted their phone system accordingly.  We were also careful to select the telecoms services so the cost structure scaled as their business grew.