Case study: Autodialler API

Telecommunications API and infrastructure for the security industry.


While e-mail and text message can be reliable ways to deliver non-urgent messages, there is no way to know whether the recipient has read the message. However, some messages require urgent action. The sender might want an indication of whether the message was received by a real person, rather than just having arrived at their mobile phone or computer.

Our client needed an API-based service, which can deliver an arbitrary message to a customer by telephone.


We implemented the software to automatically translate the message into the appropriate language, convert it from text to speech, phone the customer and play the message.  It uses algorithms to detect whether the phone was answered by a real person or voicemail.

If the message was not delivered to a real person, our software can try multiple other numbers in sequence, ultimately failing over to SMS text message or e-mail.


Feedback from real users led us to the “single API call” approach.  Because sending a message requires just one call to the API, it's incredibly easy for developers to integrate into other software.