Case study: Musiqli

API-based web application for a start-up serving the performing arts.


To build a successful career in the music industry, it's essential to connect and work with the right people.  Currently the best connections are made by personal introduction, and it's challenging and frustrating to make connections online.

Musiqli realised that musicians could benefit from a digital matchmaking service that uses industry insights to make appropriate introductions.


We designed search and filtering algorithms based on mutual relevance scoring, and conducted research to determine the criteria that drive successful collaboration within the music industry, so that we could implement these into the algorithms.

We've designed the architecture of Musiqli's application and implemented their cloud infrastructure to ensure that their service will scale as the number of users increases.

The software is API-based, which means the same underlying software can drive a web application, mobile applications and social integrations, as well as exposing Musiqli's data via an API.  It also makes it easier to integrate with third-party data sources.


We adopted an agile project management approach, so that learning from real users could influence the features and design of the software.  Our team is continuing to work on Musiqli via agile sprints, evolving the product based on stakeholder needs.

The Musiqli project has been part-funded by a grant from Welsh Government's Digital Development Fund. You may be eligible for similar support: ask us for more information.