Need a Technologist?

Software and systems consultancy, delivered as your "consulting CTO"

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Why work with a consultant?

Ambitious projects benefit from deep technical expertise, both in leadership and implementation.

Whether you're creating a new product, cultivating growth and scale, or simply facing a daunting challenge, having access to the right expertise will help you find a positive approach.

Avoid common pitfalls, recover from earlier mistakes, and become self-sufficient in managing your technology.

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Why Solviq?

We understand what you're going through, because we've been there ourselves.

Solviq's directors are serial entrepreneurs who have built complex digital products and technology businesses from the ground up. We've also worked within established companies, ranging from SME to multi-national.

As you'd expect, we have broad experience with a range of technologies. We've helped secure investment; recruited, led and developed engineering teams; and dealt with issues such as legacy products, outsourcers, open source, process improvement and dev ops.

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Solviq provides software consultancy services

to help companies architect digital products, build and develop engineering teams,
and become self-sufficient in managing their technology.

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