Early stage advice

Jump start your software project with consultancy or due diligence

Support through the early stages

Experience is especially valuable at the start of a project, when it may be unclear what is needed to deliver the business vision, and when the full team may not be in place.

Let us help you put your software project on strong foundations. Whether you're launching a new project or conducting due diligence on an opportunity, or you simply need access to experience to complement that of your current team, a focused package of consultancy can have a huge impact.

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We have helped early-stage clients with…


Articulating the value of technology within strategy, business model and market proposition


Understanding how technology can streamline workflow and deliver business goals


Documenting what the software needs to do, in a way that an engineering team can understand


Planning resource requirements and helping you assess and interview candidates

Process and tools

Establishing disciplined development and devops practices to improve product quality


Prioritising product roadmap and release schedule


Developing a robust software architecture, data design or infrastructure

Technology choices

Selecting appropriate technology to power a project, including make-vs-buy decisions

… and much more. Find out how we could help put your project on strong foundations.

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Guiding your startup through a formative period

Solviq's directors are serial entrepreneurs who have held co-founder positions in tech startups. We've raised investment, built complex digital products and recruited engineering teams from the ground up.

In one case study, Steve Talbot and Carwyn Balch took Musiqli, a startup serving the creative industries, through the University of Cambridge business school's Accelerate Cambridge programme. In another, Steve joined a financial technology (fintech) startup to take it through the prestigious Startup Bootcamp Fintech programme in London as their interim CTO.

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