Early stage advice

Put your software project on strong foundations

Support through the early stages

Experience is most valuable at the start of a project, when it may be unclear what is needed to deliver the business vision. This is also the time when your project is most likely to be under-resourced, for example before you have assembled your full engineering team.

A consulting CTO can provide guidance to help you avoid common pitfalls, to build a strong engineering team that can deliver, and to start your software project on the right track.

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Case study: Moove

  With our Technical Lead departing in the run up to the launch of our tightly deadlined MVP, we chose a consulting CTO that had expertise of startup environments and the proptech industry, but who could flexibly work within our existing timeline, team and budget requirements. Steve and the Solviq team have been instrumental in ensuring the project stays on track, while leading a largely junior engineering team through a number of technical challenges, ensuring the MVP will fulfil its original brief.

— Sebastian Walker, Founder and CEO, Moove

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We have helped early-stage clients with…


Pitching for investment, grants, startup accelerators and R&D tax credits


Articulating the value of technology within a broader business model

Product roadmap

Articulating requirements and prioritising the release schedule

Hiring decisions

Scoping the team and helping assess and interview candidates


Supporting management to develop a strong engineering culture


Developing a robust software architecture and data design

Technology choices

Selecting appropriate technology and suppliers

Founder support

Supporting non-technical founders build a technology business

… and much more. Contact us to find out how we could help put your project on strong foundations.