Consulting CTO

The affordable alternative to a full-time Chief Technology Officer

Why retain a consulting CTO?

Employing a full-time Chief Technology Officer is difficult, and sometimes unaffordable, but the cost of mistakes made without one can be crippling.

Retain a consulting or "fractional" CTO as a trusted advisor, who can help you navigate through the technical, process and leadership challenges associated with software projects and teams.

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Case study: TrackMyMove

  Steve is particularly well skilled at coupling strategic priorities with operational delivery, and the successful delivery of the TrackMyMove product is testament to his effectiveness as a CTO. The technology he developed delivered tremendous benefits to clients (both B2B and B2C), and his leadership of the engineering team was exceptional.

— Owen Derbyshire, Co-Founder and CEO, Properr Software Ltd

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A consulting CTO can act as your…


An independent sounding board for your ideas, concerns and strategy


Cover for your technology lead during absence or while you are recruiting


To conduct independent due diligence on a tech product or process

Mentor / Coach

Guidance for your team from an experienced engineer


Bringing deep technical expertise and research skills

Customer friend

To understand domain experts or mediate with an external provider

Founder support

Support through a formative period, such as investment or an accelerator

… and much more. Contact us to find out how we could help you.