Independent help to overcome challenges with your software project


Sometimes you need an experienced outsider to help you see a problem in a fresh light.

The combination of a fresh perspective and the right expertise can help you find a positive approach to challenges, avoid common pitfalls, and become self-sufficient in managing your technology.

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We've helped clients resolve challenges with…

Process and tools

Development practices, processes and tooling to improve product quality


Software architecture and data design


Cloud infrastructure and migration to cloud


Meeting legislative, accreditation or licensing constraints


Automating devops, test and release

Open source

Using open source commercially, and releasing code open source


Managing the complexities of integrating or updating legacy software

API integration

Designing API-based software and consuming third-party APIs

… and much more. Find out how we could help you.

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Bringing a fresh perspective

Solviq's directors are experienced technologists, who have worked with established companies from SME to multi-national, across a number of industries; and who have held board-level positions within tech startups.

This breadth and depth of experience, coupled with their independence from your current team and suppliers, will enable them to bring a fresh perspective to your business.

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