Independent help to overcome challenges with your software project

Has your software project hit a roadblock?

Sometimes you need an experienced outsider — someone independent from your current team and suppliers — to bring a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Use a consulting CTO to help you overcome the challenges with your software project and become self-sufficient in managing your technology.

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Case study: Patent Seekers

  We thought we were going to have to scrap our database after 18 months of work and over £1M invested in the project. We contacted Solviq as a last resort. Following the support and advice from Steve, we managed to rescue the whole thing, allowing us to develop and scale at a fraction of the cost. I strongly recommend any organisation looking to develop an SaaS website to not make the same mistake we did and get Solviq in at the beginning of the project.

— Tim Parry, Business & Finance Director, Patent Seekers Ltd

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We've helped clients resolve challenges with…

Process and tools

Introducing practices, processes and tooling to improve product quality


Uncovering the root cause of broken software


Removing blockers to scalability and growth


Upgrading infrastructure, including migration to cloud


Meeting legislative, accreditation or licensing constraints


Automating build, test, release and devops

Open source

Using open source commercially, and releasing code open source


Designing API-based software and consuming third-party APIs

… and much more. Contact us to find out how we could help you.