Due diligence

Get an independent perspective on a software project

Could you benefit from a second opinion?

Sometimes you need an experienced outsider — someone independent from your current team and suppliers — to bring a fresh, unbiased perspective.

A consulting CTO can help you avoid biases and vested interests when you need to evaluate an opportunity, product, or prospective partner, subcontractor or hire.

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Case study: Who Knows Wins

  We were in the midst of our most pivotal and critical recruitment to date, the lead developer for a fast growing start up tech company. As myself and the Managing Director poured through piles of applications and CVs, we produced a final candidate list for interview. We hit a sticking point, we had no way of understanding the technical skill set of these candidates other then their words on paper.

We turned to Steve from Solviq, and it was the best decision we could have made. Not only was Steve incredibly communicative and efficient, he took control of the technical interview, he created the technical test, he analysed the results, and gave us his verdict based completely on the facts of the interview and test. Thanks to Steve we got the perfect candidate and that has helped our business grow. We highly recommend the services of Solviq.

— Jamie Graham, Founder and Head of Product, Who Knows Wins

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Prospective hires

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Technology choices

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